Have you ever felt
like you couldn’t trust men?
Like men aren’t
emotionally available?

Tulie’s Garden is my personal exploration of what it means to be male—especially as it relates to emotional vulnerability and authenticity. In other words, how I would hide and what I didn’t want others to know about me.

The graphic novel, complete with 48 of my own illustrations, chronicles the ongoing process of my self-identity and self-realization. It’s intended as a meditation space for others to engage with their own explorations and to provide gentle, affirmative guidance through the journey from boyhood to manhood.

~ Matthew Sloane


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A book for the male seeking to connect with his dark side and the denied part of his authentic self.

~ Herb Goldberg, PhD / Licensed Psychologist and author of ‘The Hazards of Being Male’, www.herbgoldbergphd.com

Young men may track this path, discover their own trajectory and take heart. With this gift of guidance they may just find the soul poetry of worthy masculinity.

~ Bill Kauth / co-founder of the New Warrior Training Adventure of the Mankind Project and author of ‘A Circle of Men’ and ‘We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community’ www.mankindproject.org

It is a road map for every man seeking connection and full expression. I couldn’t put it down.

~ Rich Dutra-St John MA MFT / co-author of ‘Be the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For’, co-founder of Challenge Day & the Be the Change Movement, www.challengeday.org

Tulie’s Garden is a work that displays world class imagination. Indeed, many of the concepts and images seem to be coming from another world! Matt Sloane is a writer who is carving his own unique niche in the literary world.

~ Stanley Krippner, PhD / Co-author, ‘Personal Mythology’, www.stanleykrippner.weebly.com

If my Dad had handed this book to me, I would have known that I wasn’t alone.

~ Boysen Hodgsen, Mankind Project Journal

A rare little treasure.

~ Esther Bushell, Literary Matters

Above is a crowd-funding trailer from Kickstarter. In the summer of 2011, I presold the book which allowed me to self-publish it—thanks to my supporters : )


Preview & order online